The story first began with Capulet, where tales of star-cross’d lovers saw romantic misadventures play out in a charming & decadent Garden courtyard at 188 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley.

In keeping with William Shakespeare’s most famous poetic drama, Montague was created. A glamorous extension & neighbour of Capulet that offers guests a second private venue for functions, celebrations & cocktails.

Fortitude Valley has brought the two sophisticated bars close together in a celebration of impeccable mixology, bespoke service & garden party vibes like no other venue.

Established in 2013, House of Capulet draws in the elite Socialites of Brisbane with an eclectic taste in music that look to an after-hours bar for decadent fun & exclusivity.

The green lawns, rich red lounges and royal golden mirrors bring a understated worldliness to the Fortitude Valley, and allow Capulet to stand out from the rest as the perfect destination for functions and a VIP nightclub experience.

Enjoy courtship in our courtyard and a sense of exclusivity where quality stands before quantity. ‘Get Caught in the Romance’ every weekend at Capulet & Montague.